The Council of Sustainable Settlements of Latin America – CASA -seeks to articulate and strengthen the activities of the Latin American national and regional networks that promote, develop, investigate and disseminate sustainable and regenerative lifestyles.



CASA seeks to give visibility to help create living examples that can inspire change towards lifestyles oriented towards conservation and regeneration of ecological, economic and social systems , which we consider vital to ensure the continuity of the human species on planet earth.


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More than 100 sustainable initiative in the America With more than 11 networks and social movements as well as more than 10 gatherings each year Para becar más de 68 líderes comunitarios en 3 encuentros de cocreación



How to Connect

CASA has the vision of being a global impact social movement that promotes a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for all mankind, working within interdependent networks, in peace and in harmony with the Earth. CASA works to articulate a network of organizations and other similar networks that promote and facilitate the connection of sustainable settlements, intentional communities and ecovillages in Latin America , in order to share and exchange information, knowledge  experiences and services encouraging the organization of national and regional networks to the strengthening projects and initiatives of the network and the achievement of good living in the territories in which affect the sustainable settlements that make up CASA. These following are the different active networks that make up CASA where you can connect your community, organization and/or project.


Where we are

CASA emerges in Latin America in the year 2012 from the convergence of movements and networks that connect organizations, settlements ,communities, eco-barrios, transition towns, and enterprises that drive the proliferation of intentional projects as reference models to a life of regenerative relationship with the planet and between human beings.


CASA is articulated to the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) and is connected with partner networks in Europe and Africa. We invite you to explore and connect with more then 100 sustainable settlements isustainable settlements, organizations, communities, eco-barrios , transition initiatives, community enterprises, eco-nomadic projects and other alternative life examples, in casa.ecovillage.org