ECCO 2015

ECCO 2015 – CASA Continental Gathering

23rd – 26th June 2015 
Ecoaldea AldeaFeliz.
San Francisco, Cundinamarca, Colombia


CASA, the Council of Sustainable Settlements of Latin America, is hosting its second continental gathering since the network’s founding in 2012. This historic event, to be held in Colombia in June 2015, will gather around 100 activists and leaders from the grassroots ecovillage movements in Latin America, focusing on strengthening structures and relationships to build a resilient network that promotes sustainable living in Latin America.

CASA is working to amplify the efforts of ecovillages, permaculture projects, indigenous and traditional communities, eco-neighborhoods and eco-caravanas all over Latin America. This gathering will be held in collaboration with the Latin American Permaculture Network to deepen alliance between our movements.



ECCO 2015 will take place from 23rd to 26th june de junio de 2015 in Ecoaldea Aldeafeliz, located in San Francisco,  2 hours from Bogotá. D.C. More informatión and how to arrived here.
There is 4th Convergence of Latinoamerican Permaculture CLAP 2015 happening around the ECCO 2015. We encourage you to take part also in CLAP.

Who can join:

ECCO2015 convenes to:

  • active members of CASA Continental
  • active members of CASA in the different nations and territories
  • representatives/delegates of initiatives and organizations aiming to articulate with CASA: ecovillages, permacultural projects, indigenous communities,  tradicional settlements, econeighborhoods, ecocaravans y territories in transición.
  • members of GEN – Global Ecovillage Network-
  • members of the Latinoamerican Permaculture Network

How to take part:

ECCO2015 has been designed to foster and enhance CASA – the network-. This is an gathering for internal structure strengthening, with capacity for 100 participants, semi-open registration of people actively involved within the movement.

This is also an opportunity to connect deeper and smarter with the permaculture movement (taking advantage of the CLAP 2015 happening near by).

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More information:


SCHOLARSHIPS for base community leaders

CASA is granting 4 scholarships for leaders of base communities of Latinamerica to join ECCO2015. If you are interested, or want to postulate a community leader, please, send an email to to have more information.


We need your help and support to make this gathering happen! Help us co-create a resilient and abundant world for Latin America and the whole Earth, our Pachamama! We will be happy to share the results of this event with you!

Thank you! Muchas Gracias! Obrigado!
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